EMDR - psychotrauma therapie

EMDR - psychotrauma therapie

“ Closeness and intimacy to another person is more than just a desire it is a basic human need.”

EMDR: Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing. EMDR is een psychotrauma therapie.

Samen met u worden uw klachten en belangrijke levensgebeurtenissen doorgenomen.  Deze informatie wordt verzameld met als doel het verwerkingsproces op gang te brengen. Door met uw ogen de hand van uw therapeut te volgen en/of door audio stimulatie wordt “het informatieverwerkingssysteem” in de hersenen gestimuleerd. 

When To Come In For Couples Counselling

Couples counselling isn’t just helpful when things are falling apart. It can be helpful at many other times as well. Sometimes it is helpful when you are taking a new step forward (or backwards) such as moving in together, getting married, having children. Or even when you first start dating someone. Couples counselling helps if you want to do a check in or just make sure you are still in the best possible place you can be at. It helps if you want to deepen and become closer to your partner or make an already great relationship even better with a few modest adjustments. When you are wanting to end a relationship a therapist can help, especially when children are involved.

How Can Couples Counseling Help?

Relationship Skills

Most of us have never been taught any relationships skills. We might have learned from what we have seen in our families, from friends, media, books, internet. But most of us just have no idea what we are really doing. Couples counselling and therapy will teach the necessary skills to be successful in your relationship. Knowing and understanding your needs. Being able to communicate your needs in a way that your partner can hear you. Learning to listen to and honour partners needs and feelings. Relationship skills can be learned by anyone who is open and flexible and willing.

Build a strong, happy, healthy and loving relationship

We will not blame and shame either partner but work together to find the problem areas in the most constructive ways possible and our therapist’s will teach you everything we know and can to help you fix it. By working together as a team in this pursuit, we will try to make it an enjoyable and uplifting experience for everyone. Couples counseling will help you:

Our Therapy Process

Your first step is to call us to schedule your initial appointment. We work hard to pair you with a therapist that we believe will be the best fit for you and your current struggles.

Your initial evaluation session provides an opportunity for you to build rapport with the therapist and provide them with some background about yourselves and the reasons you are seeking counseling. In addition, they will be able to answer your questions regarding services, confidentiality, and what to expect in therapy. With your best interests in mind, you will decide together what kind of treatment will benefit you the most.

At the end of your first session, if you decide to move forward and work that therapist, you will be asked to schedule further appointments. At your second appointment, you will work with your therapist to set goals for your overall therapy experience and then begin working together towards achieving them.

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The Benefits of Couples Therapy